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Electronic Medical Records

We recommend CCHIT-certified gloEMR from gloStream. It is the only system on the market that is embedded with Microsoft Office Word making it familiar and robust. gloEMR includes a host of important benefits including:

  • Single-click access to patient data
  • Built-in voice recognition with Dragon Medical
  • Electronic prescribing
  • Customizable patient note templates built in Microsoft Office Word
  • Full document management system
  • Local support
  • The ability to bill at more appropriate levels
  • Tremendous cost savings on paper, postage and charts

Please watch an overview of gloEMR, the only EMR on the market with one click access to all items from the dashboard.

gloEMR can transform your practice, too, and we’d very much like the opportunity to show you how. Please call us today at 203-272-1554 x203 so that our team can visit yours and provide you with a free EMR readiness review and gloEMR demonstration.